Foliage 1.1 (discontinued)

This plugin allows you to create a range of fairly complex hedges, espalier and topiary by drawing their plan, front/side views and their combinations. The user only needs to check for consistency between views.

The number of polygons (leaves and/or flowers) can be freely set, up to a limit of 20.000 polygons (1 or 2 repeated symbols, low memory used and fast renders). The final object can be tilted along the X and Y axes to allow for slopes. Check the “Video & User guides” section to see the plugin in action and to understand how Foliage works.

Foliage doesn’t fill a 3D volume. As you can see in the video, it uses 2D figures (polylines) to create a real 3D volume. This is very handy to create fairly complex objects because you don’t need to use solid modeling. To create more complex volumes, you need to split the figure in more objects. Download here an example using 3 views (Elephant).

This plugin will not receive more updates and support; it will remain available for Vectorworks 2010 to 2014 users. It has been replaced with Foliage 2 for Vectorworks 2015-2017

Learning resources and textures:


v1.0 *Vectorworks 2010 or higher

  • first release (replace previous “Siepe” plugin)

v1.1 *Latest update: the plugin has been replaced with Foliage 2

  • same texture can be used for different hedges (or same hedge) with different texture size
  • “experimental grass” option enhanced: can be used to insert grass + flowers


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