Custom Beams

The plugin allows you to create two kinds of parametric beams: wooden beams with many ready-to-use profiles and extruded beams by drawing their section. A control point let you graphically choose the position where the beam will tilt and where it  will have the specified elevation. You can create groups of beams and choose among 4 types of different coverings: simple panel, secondary beams, fabric and custom profile. You can purchase a license in the store.

Learning resources:

v1.0 *Vectorworks 2010 or higher

  • first release as “Trave (Beam)”


  • use active class
  • now you can create extruded beams from 2D symbol


  • rotation can be defined by degrees or slope (gradient %)
  • duplicate option: now you can easily create group of beams

v1.3 *Vectorworks 2011 or higher

  • 7 new profiles + 1 simple (no) profile
  • “disable 2D” option (allow Auto-Hybrid function)
  • new “coverings” feature: simple panel, secondary beams and fabric

v1.4 *Vectorworks 2014 or higher

  • bugfixes
  • new covering