Baseboard v1.2 update

New update:

  • use automatic working plane to draw any moulding in 3D view
  • you can define the dimension of the fifteen ready-to-use profiles
  • alternative way to draw baseboard on stairs

Baseboard v1.0

Baseboard plug-in helps the user to create baseboards in a very simple way, with some advantages over the classic “extrusion” method.


  • create parametric rectangular and rounded profiles
  • choose between 15 ready to use profiles
  • use any custom profile contained in a symbol
  • correct the orientation with a click (mirror option)
  • modify the baseboard in 2D or 3D view using reshape tool
  • change any property of many objects with a few clicks
  • use the plugin to create any moulding

Catalog of profiles:

Video overview/tutorial:

v1.0 *Vectorworks 2017 or higher

  • first release