Gutters v1.3 update

New update:

  • brackets collision detection (experimental)
  • no more “force plan view” when “Show simple 2D” is enabled
  • bugfixes



Gutters v1.1a

This plug-in allows to create detailed and easy-to-modify gutters in a few clicks. You can purchase a license in the store.


  • quad, half round and angled parametric gutter profiles
  • nine ready-to-use detailed profiles
  • brackets with or without top closure; stop ends
  • fascia with “offset from gutter” parameter
  • “z shift” parameter to position the gutter in relation to fascia
  • “offset from wall” parameter to avoid surfaces overlapping in 3D
  • simple editing in 2D or 3D view by using the reshape tool

To add downspouts, you can download my free plugin from the main page.


  • private testing with some customers; feedback collection


  • requested improvements

v1.1a *First release for Vectorworks 2018

  • bugfixes

Foliage Volume v1.0 Beta

Foliage Volume is the evolution of the latest, experimental and more challenging feature introduced with Foliage 2.0: turning any 3D model into a foliage volume, with no limitations. You can now use the standard Vectorworks 3d-modeling instruments to create any kind of volume, including subdivision objects. Steps are simple:

  1. model your volume
  2. convert to generic solid
  3. create a symbol
  4. use it in Foliage Volume plugin

The plugin is in beta version, free to use, no license needed, expiration date on 01.06.2018. Different 3d models will probably reveal different problems so I will appreciate any feedback from users to improve it. You can download the plugin and the example file in the Info & Download section.



Baseboard v1.0

Baseboard plug-in helps the user to create baseboards in a very simple way, with some advantages over the classic “extrusion” method.


  • create parametric rectangular and rounded profiles
  • choose between 15 ready to use profiles
  • use any custom profile contained in a symbol
  • correct the orientation with a click (mirror option)
  • modify the baseboard in 2D or 3D view using reshape tool
  • change any property of many objects with a few clicks
  • use the plugin to create any moulding

Catalog of profiles:

Video overview/tutorial:

v1.0 *Vectorworks 2017 or higher

  • first release



Foliage in Vectorworks 2018

I’m pleased to announce that Foliage’s technology has been acquired by Vectorworks Inc., and it’s now included in Vectorworks Landmark 2018. The tool has been improved by Vectorworks engineers in many aspects, including user interface and speed. Foliage 2 will be no more available from my website, but stay tuned for news in the near future!


Frames v1.0

Frames is a free plug-in that allow the creation of parametric framed mirrors and pictures. It’s an improved version of “framed mirror/picture mode” introduced in the past with “Furniture” plugin.


  • automatic height of framed picture object
  • 16 ready to use profiles, with parametric dimension
  • passepartout option

Catalog of profiles:

Video overview/tutorial:


Foliage V2.1

Foliage plugin has been updated to version 2.1. The update is free for Foliage 2.0 owners: please download it from Foliage 2.1 page (changelog section).


  • Reorganized/grouped some menus
  • New “Symbols on the ground (area-grid)” mode: insert grid distance and randomness (0-100%) to place symbols

Foliage V2.1 Randomness

  • New menu allowing -50% to +150% variation, enabled for automatic symbol number. Type “0” in the “N° of symbols” field to activate the menu


  • New “Symbols rotation” menu for “Cover 3D generic solid” experimental mode

New symbol rotation

  • You can now choose which face(s) of the 3D generic solid to cover


  • Foliage now supports Symbol folders. You can use unlimited symbols for a more realistic result. Simply type the name of a Symbol folder (previously prepared) in the “Name of symbol” field. In this example, the folder contains different sizes and colors of the same leaf

Symbol folders