Foliage V2.0

I’m very excited to introduce you the new Foliage 2.0 plugin, rewritten for Vectorworks 2015 and 2016. The previous version will be discontinued (no more updates), but will remain available for Vectorworks 2010 to Vectorworks 2014 users.

The main algorithm has been totally rewritten to support site model (DTM) adaptation, to use symbols instead of textures, to recognize multiple objects inside symbols, to handle polylines as boundaries and to cover any 3D model with foliage (experimental feature).

Main features:

  • Create simple linear hedges in a few clicks (rounded hedges & send to DTM options)
  • Enrich your projects with foliage by drawing single or multiple 2D view combinations (as previous version)
  • Transform any polyline (or groups of polylines) into a simple or rounded hedge that follow your DTM
  • Cover areas or boundaries with any symbol: they will automatically cover the ground following your DTM
  • A new experimental feature allows to automatically cover any 3d model (generic solid) with foliage. This feature is great for topiary but with complex models your CPU may be severely tested

I’d like to thank Bill Vincent and Jonathan Pickup from Megabits for supporting me since the first versions of my plugins, and particularly for helping me to improve Foliage plugin. Thanks for hints and suggestions I received from Peter Vandewalle (designexpress) and many loyal customers too.

A really short introduction video: